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The Problem with Human Resources…
Is that they are human, with all that this entails.

Truthfully, the human condition is by and large good. Most people are honest, sincere, responsible and prepared to work hard for a fair stake.

But there are others who give people a bad name. These are the ones who lie, cheat and steal. They are the company leader’s worst nightmare – for all the damage they can cause.

These are the people who you don’t want working for you.

But how do you avoid them?

You call us.

iFacts are the experts in helping you to identify and manage your people risk. When it comes to Background Checks, Screening and Vetting, your organisation needs a proactive, stringent and comprehensive approach. iFacts removes the people risk so that organisations can go about their business with employees they can trust.

iFacts offers a range of services that extend into every aspect of proactive and reactive screening, which a company requires for optimum employee performance, loyalty and integrity. From people risk, ethics and integrity to safety and security and employee wellness, iFacts offers a full range of services to both individuals and employees that will ensure your organisation is achieving optimum performance and an excellent return on its human resources investment.


The iFacts company profile and price list are available on request.

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